Abhinav Chaturvedi

profile ID: 86173
Name: Abhinav Ajay Chaturvedi
Age: 22 years
Sex: Male
Actor: No education, experience only Experienced
Model: No education, experience only Beginner
Dancer: No
Singing: No
Country: India
City: Mumbai
Near with: Pune

Working conditions:
Term of contract:
Came to audition: Withing the country also
Ready to move to: No
Foreign passport: No
Bodytype: Slim
Height: 172
Weight: 72
Bust/Chest: 105
Waist: 86
Thighs: 92
Shoe size: 42
Clothing size: 46
Ethnicity: Indian
Eye color: Brown
Hair length: Below shoulders
Hair color: Black

Specific information
Tattoos: No
Piercing: No
About Me
I am a 22 year old, extrovertish man, who is a product of several thousand of failures and successes of people who have moulded me and made me the person I am today. I have lived my life and mostly lived myself when it came to modeling and acting, with characters that you guys watch for entertainment, while I watch it to live in every moment the character experiences. I love to socialise, connect with different people from all paths of life. I am one of the most non-judgemental and extremely sincere person you shall ever come across. My likes include, content creation, in-depth knowledge in researching, improvizing on the content, strategising and organising. Apart on the personal space, I love to keep myself busy with reading books, building myself as a person, staying fit. I am not motivated by anyone or anything because I believe a person writes his own story, however I admire Ratan Tata, Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Dan Bilzerian, Rupert Muddoch to name a few. I dislike betrayal, manipulative schmucks, I dislike when some X person takes credit for all the hard work and sincerity a Y person has put in. And I can’t stand narrow-minded person. Disclaimer :- Been a rebel of my time since Day 1
Mumbai College K.C College, Churchgate, Mumbai
Specialty: Specialisation course in Marketing and Media
Teacher: Rahul
Work experience
1. Pursued Oratory and Elocution. 2. Swimming 3. Kickboxing and Martial Arts 4. Athletic 5. Writing quotes, muses, copyright, etc. 6. Researching on different subject matters. 7. Reading. 8. Exploring different genres of music.


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Date of registration: December 03 2019 13:56
Date of editing: December 03 2019 14:23
Last online: 3 days ago
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