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Bidyananda Das
November 16 2016 18:16

If you have talent in acting, it will never go in waste. But to showcase the same, you want a platform and ACMODASI is that platform. I am continuously receiving audition notification.

Suleman Shaikh
October 03 2016 14:20

Awesome! Site its very useful!

September 25 2016 22:17

Thank you

John Lopez
August 30 2016 11:50

ACMODASI, in our opinion, is probably the one and only site of its kind that exclusively caters to actors and aspirants who like to enter movie acting. The growth or additions of profiles day after day is the exemplary example that shows how best it serves the people. I wish all the very best to ACMODASI and also wish that all aspirants who have registered with ACMODASI have great future.

shubham kaushal
August 29 2016 19:19

very useful website

Rohit roy roy
June 23 2016 14:19

This is a useful website

dharmendra singh
June 19 2016 21:11

Best website for all artist and castings. thank u acmodasi.

dharmendra singh
June 17 2016 19:56

This website is very useful for us. here we can get more actor and actress. Thank u

Shubham gaur
June 05 2016 07:46

not bad

Raja Yadav
June 03 2016 21:48

This site is very good but my dream to become bollywood superstar is not completed yet

Vipul Bhatia
June 02 2016 09:43

This site is very useful to increase our link and to get recognized.

Akhilesh Sahani
May 09 2016 09:10

Thanks for acmodasi founder. This site more helpful for Producer and director to find new faces.

April 27 2016 08:16

This side are very nice very helpfull to make a carrer

priyadarshinee pati
April 21 2016 10:44

This site is actually helpful

April 08 2016 12:59

hai... this site is very gud for the newcomers....Thxz

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