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March 16 2019 10:28


sreeja sreeja
October 13 2018 08:55

nice site

Aish Khan
January 14 2018 07:50

This is very very good site

Young Model Hunt Agency
December 12 2017 16:20

Very user friendly site....got lots of requirement fulfilled.

John Lopez
November 13 2017 09:17

As we tried to look for movie artists and talents across the web, we have had come across a number of sites. But, we wish to acknowledge that nothing to match Acmodasi. Acmodasi is thus far the one and only service site of its kind and we are getting good number of enquiries. And it is also to be mentioned that the site design and layout also helps those who use it.

arvind sahu
May 30 2017 11:23

acmodasi is a good site provides oppourtunities for required talents wishing if i could be part of it. i have joined today and found most of intresting things. very useful site!!!!!

The Mayank Studio
April 19 2017 16:44

Great Platform

Akash attri
April 02 2017 19:41

Best platform to show your talent

Jyoti Khurana
March 31 2017 09:02

Very helpful sight

March 29 2017 14:58

Acmodasi is really a good site for peoples who are passionate about acting

Maanab Mishra
March 05 2017 09:47

Thnq all... Hi everybody .... Acmodasi is an best filmy platform to prove us our talent so keep in touch with love & help to each other for better result ...Have a good luck...

Akshay Hule
February 19 2017 07:27

I like this site.

Kishan Kinu
January 27 2017 11:39

I am liked to acmodasi very very nice website

Vijay Mourya Vijay Mourya
January 09 2017 13:32

this site very good

amit mishra
January 07 2017 18:57

This side are very nice very helpfull to make a carrer

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