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All auditions placed on ACMODASI are moderated. During this moderation your audition may be blocked or deleted, depending on the severity of breaking our publishing rules. In case you casting is blocked you have a chance to edit it, and it can be listed in the Audition database again.

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1. The following auditions will be blocked:

1.1. "Meaningless" castings with no project name given and no description provided.
1.2. Castings "party for everybody" without any typecast specification, containing the information like "everybody will be given a job".
1.3. Castings containing contact information in the text field.
1.4. Castings containing plenty of spelling mistakes and with the text selected THIS WAY
1.5. Castings without meaningless headers like "Attention! Casting!", "New York, casting!" etc.
1.6. Castings placed in wrong sections, not corresponding to the information given.

2. The following ads will be removed::

2.1. Any materials that promote websites and other resources of our competitors and published not as an "Advertisement".
2.2. Any materials that pretend to be auditions, but containing no information to this point, any promotional materials published not as an "Advertisement".
2.3. Any requests to fill out the registration forms on third-party websites, placed not as an "Advertisement" or "Scouting agency advertisement".
2.4. Casting Сalls with paid participation if it is not specified in the description and pushlished not as an "Advertisement" or "Scouting agency advertisement".
2.5. Scouting agencies advertisements, like model scouting or any other offers in case it is published not as a "Scouting agency advertisement".
2.6. 18+ auditions if it isn't specified in the special field "auditions for 18+ only". Such auditions include photo shooting of topless or nude models, lingerie photo shoots, sexual nature scenes etc. at the discretion of the Moderator.

The following ads will be deleted regardless of its status in case the following rules will be violated. Besides, it may lead to blocking your account:
2.6. Ads or comments that contain any abusive expressions and/or actions violating the rights and freedoms secured by the Bill of Rights or the Constitution of the USA.
2.7. Casting Calls, containing any sexual, racist or discriminatory content. We do not place any Casting Calls for projects connected with erotic or sexual actions
2.8. Any offers of work abroad without providing exhaustive information about the employer, purposes and conditions of work.
2.9. The same Casting Call placed within 24 hours.
2.10. Ads about paid scouting services or paid participation in Castings.
2.11. Casting Calls or ads for sites-competitors.
2.12. Ads are not related to professional activities corresponding to the objectives of our website.

In case a paid Casting Call or a Pro Account is blocked because of violating the rules of our website, no refund is possible.
Please, note that: audition implies selecting the typecasts for the project. It doesn't imply anything else.

Please, keep in mind that in case there are many complaints, your account may be blocked.

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The cost of publication of any commercial ads is 5 USD. The information will be published automatically just after the payment. The publication date will concur with the time the payment is received. You are to pay only once and then you'll have an option to secure the top place for you audition
After saving the casting information you will be redirected to select the preferable payment method such as payment via your bank card, terminal, electronic cash etc.

* The VIP auditions work the following way:

Throughout the paid period, a top place will be secured for your advertisement in the audition column and at the home page up to the moment when somebody will pay more than you. In this case your ad will still stay fixed, but move to the second position The top place is reserved for the casting paid for a longer term.
But this rules doesn't exempt the casting ad from the general rules of casting publications. Paid account is just a good chance to promote your audition.
The payment can be made via credit cards, electronic money or payment terminals.

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