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swastk helps to start your future in industry. if you wish to know more about us plz send your quarry to. we work in realestate as well as in the field of placement, fmcg sectors.   swastik.bhl@gmail.com

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Meghu Meghu July 22 2019 17:50
9900438527 what's up number
Sanchita Panigrahi January 19 2018 14:22
Hi I am sanchita panigrahi I am actor. I am looking for acting. Modeling. TV add Comercial. Any opportunity please let me know Mumbai 9082032612
Karan Trehan June 06 2017 13:10
Here is my all details . If their is any opportunity for singer then contact me at my link
jayak kumar February 19 2017 06:11
hi give chance
Tarun Chouksey November 04 2016 07:46
tarun choukesey mobile number 7879911838
Dear sir
I would like to ask you if you have any opportunities for freshers at your firm. I like to do acting. I do have theater experience. Movies or TV ads / even TV serials are fine with me. Any role is OK. Please let me know. Thank You!
Plus Pinky October 06 2016 15:12
Helo Sir/Madam,
I am 28 yrs old PLUS Model/actress having
stat XL,
height 5’5”
weight :- 70 kg
Hair & Eye Color:- Black
Skin Color:- white
And open for all category shoot in front of camera for different purposes.
I have have lots of ramp walk in Mrs. & Plus category , having vast experience against camera.
Please give your kind appointment for meeting at your place.
I will at DELHI from 13-14 oct. and again at MUMBAI from 14-16 Oct.
You can contact me over my manager’s wtsapp number (named AK) 08797501566 without any hasitation for any performance/demand from my side.
Kindly reply as early as possible over wtsapp.
8797501566 (wtsapp)
Arvinder Kumar August 21 2016 16:21
Main kehta nahi karta hoon
Punjabi hoon kabhi darta nahin
Ik baar mauka to do sir
Bollywood to kya Hollywood bhi mangega aapse mujhko
Dr.AK 47
ashwin waghale June 21 2016 12:26
sir iam porfinnal actor asspet to my porfil ashwin waghale film actor
ashwin waghale June 21 2016 12:28
sir porvide me opportuntitly i am best actor
Shubham gaur June 05 2016 12:20
pleez provide me a opportunity prove myself.. I difinatly try my best
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