Base of professional actors

It is a base of actors with professional education and/or filming experience (filmography).

You can be added into the database only if your profile meets the rules and after your profile has been checked by a Moderator.

If you are sure you should be in this database, apply to have your profile checked. The result of the check will be sent to your personal message.

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What are the advantages of profiles?

Who is in the base of professional actors?

This database contains professional Actors with acting experience, a good portfolio and a fully completed application form.

Does a VIP account affect being in this database?

No, having a VIP account does not affect being in the VIP database.

Is it possible to pay for inclusion in the base?

Inclusion in the base is not possible for money.

What does a professional acting education mean?

This is a special actor's education obtained in an accredited institution of higher education: Institute, University, Academy. The period of study is from 4 years. Courses and schools are not considered professional education.

What work experience counts?

Roles with text in feature-length films, roles in theatrical productions and TV series other than reproductions are taken into account. The following do not count: work in extras, episodes, roles without text, roles in such projects as music videos, commercials, short films, student and amateur work, TV shows, reality shows, and other work not related to professional acting activities.

How do I get into this base?

Make sure your application form meets all the requirements and apply , the results will be sent to your personal message.
Your application does not meet the following application requirements
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