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ACMODASI is the largest online casting resource.

ACMODASI was created in 2015 year by a group of enthusiastic directors and producers with the participation of professional programmers. The goal of our project is to help professional actors, models, dancers and singers get decent jobs in the best projects, and to help newcomers find their vocation and show their talents.

Our motto is: "Every person is special"

We started our work from scratch in 2015 year, and, very quickly, became the most visited site with castings in India.

Registered 84,203 talents

of which 0 Professional actors

There were 98,486 searches on the database

Received invitations to the casting 28,340

Over the years we have developed a convenient and unique functionality to work with profiles and apply's, which saves time for actors and casting Pro's.

There are 2,293 casting pro's working with our service

In 8 years there have been 8,993 castings ,

which received 131,802 apply's

Our features
Many essential tools for casting directors that save time
  • Apply checking
  • Casting Schedule
  • Search the database by 40+ parameters
  • Free access to cast contacts
  • Bookmarks and notes on any profile
  • Notification by email and messengers
We do not collect castings from the Internet, casting directors themselves announce and conduct their castings on our website
This ensures that castings announced on our site are not made up by the administration for the benefit of gullible users. There is a real person and a real project behind each casting.
Our personal video hosting. Uploading video to the profile and self-testing in high quality Full HD
  • Uploading a video self-test to your profile
  • Sending video to private messages
  • Sending self-samples when applying for castings
We own messaging system, with the ability to send photos and videos
  • Sending photos and videos in high quality
  • When communicating with a person, you can look at his profile
  • All messages are stored on our server, no unnecessary files on your phone
If necessary, we provide complete confidentiality. Hidden profiles, secret castings.
If you don't want your profile or casting to be seen by search engines or random people, we can ensure that with special privacy settings.
No cheaters. Manual verification of all castings by a moderator. Complaint handling system.
  • Round-the-clock moderation of all castings
  • Checking casting director's credentials
  • You can complain about any casting and casting director
  • 324 fraudulent accounts were blocked
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Project news
Website update
August 17 2020

Dear users!   We are pleased to inform you that our many months of work is coming to an end, and we are posting the long-awaited update of t......

New server platform
May 17 2017

Dear users,Due to the increasing attendance of the site, our old server has exhausted its capabilities and began to work too slowly.Therefore, we s......

We are going in production mode
July 20 2015

Hello everyone,We are start the website at March 2015. For last 4 month we have over 6 000 user profiles and 1500+ auditions.We hope you are e......

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Open casting calls and auditions

Welcome to our free online service of casting calls and auditions!

ACMODASI was created by a group of enthusiasts - directors and producers in cooperation with professional programmers. The aim of our project - to help professional actors, models, singers and dancers to get a decent job in the best projects, and help newcomers to find their vocation and show their talents.

We do not plant the stars and do not make people popular. By registering on website you can get the job by participating in the castings or you can be found in the database by those people who are looking for talents. We make this process very simple, clear and most importantly free. That's right, we do not charge any fee for registration or for using our website.

Sign up, fill out profile, apply to casting calls.
We heartily wish you good luck!

About our online audition service

ACMODASI - International casting service.

Our service is a free, convenient and simple tool where anyone can hold a casting and select artists in their projects.

This service is the product of a team of professionals, we hope that our many years of work will simplify the daily tasks of casting directors, agents and directors and open them new opportunities that were not previously available or were previously inaccessible or very expensive for the emerging industry

The goal of our work is the development of the domestic film, modeling and show business industries. We have made a lot of efforts to organize the work of this service and we will make even more efforts in the future for its development, and with it the development of the industry.

For Industry Professionals

We are not an acting agency or production center, our service is completely transparent, free and open to all industry professionals or aspiring artists! We do not interfere in your work and are not intermediaries in any way.

With the help of our site you can easily find a suitable type in the extensive database of profiles, or you can announce a casting and the right people will find you yourself! We have developed a functional that allows you to conveniently process applications from users and create your own database of profiles for each individual project.

For talents

We moderate all incoming castings to prevent any fraudulent schemes, so our site does not look like a cluttered bulletin board, of which there are hundreds on the Internet. After moderation, castings go to the international mailing list of subscribers, so tens of thousands of artists learn very quickly about the castings that are taking place!

Our sites are visited by about 20 thousand people every day. Among them are not only artists, but also a huge number of casting directors, agents, directors, producers and many other hires from all spheres of film, modeling and show business. If you have talent - they will find you!

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