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Casting Call, ID: 3599
Type of the project
Runway models
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to January 19 2038
Страна, город
United States,
Payment terms
15-80 years old, M/F
Open Open Casting Call

Project description

We are small a company we organize events for our clients.
Weddings, Birthday Parties, Promo Events, Collection Events, Etc..

We need 2 Male And 2 Female 18 and up. You must be organize, polite and punctual
The job is simply greet people who comes in and out.
Everyone is welcome here you don't need to be a good looking or something.
This is a $13/hr job weekend availability is A+ .. Thank you


Role type
Model - Extras
Looking for
Model any age
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Link to this casting call: https://www.acmodasi.in/c_3599.html
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