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Type: Casting Call
Project type: Photoshoot models jobs
The Casting Call was placed: April 08 2019
You can apply till: May 08 2019
Country, city: India, Kolkata
Payment terms: Paid
Wanted: women from 18 to 38 years old
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Payment terms

Payment of Rs 10000 per shoot.


Typecasts not selected

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12 days ago, City Kolkata

We like to declare that we need a good looking, tall and slim figure girl (may be fresher) for upcoming Bengali Movie & Hindi Web

Type of the project: TV series Castings Calls
Payment terms: Paid
Receiving profiles: April 07May 07
Requirements: from 8 to 36 years old men & women
9 days ago, City Chennai

We are selecting artists for our first web series project.
Language Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam.
We need males and females
Males: age 21 to 45
[Females: 16

Type of the project: TV series Castings Calls
Payment terms: Not paid
Receiving profiles: April 09May 09
Requirements: from 16 to 35 years old men & women

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