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Audition, ID: 7151
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to 20 June 2017
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India India, Mumbai
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14-30 years old, M/F
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The Audition is over. No applications accepted.

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Calling all dancers individual or group, traditional or western form who have show cased their talent in europe having ,here is the next big chance for you to show your talent in U,S of America on the 4th of july independence celebrations.
You must be from traditional bharatnatyam, kathakali, kathak, manipuri, odisha ,lavani dance form or western type like salsa, hip hop ,break dance ,lock pop, robotic , krump, b boying, etc or fusion are most welcome to apply.
People who have already applied ,please dont apply again, freshers ,experienced groups and indiviuals are welcome to apply.
All expenses paid trip to New York and back including hotel accommodation, air fare and visa , local sightseeing, and 10 days remuneration.
Groups /individuals who are already in touch with us need not apply again.
Please send your complete details ,subject NY with dance video.


The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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