Total Music Package Albums / Film Songs for producers, singers, writers and others who want to do their own song or album

Total Music Package Albums / Film Songs for producers, singers, writers and others who want to do their own song or album
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to 25 July 2015
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India India, Mumbai
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1-90 years old, M/F
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We make all types of songs like devotional songs, gazals, romantic, western songs and albums.We also do serial title songs, songs for websites, theme songs, background music for serials and short films and lots more.
We have more than 100 tunes from which you can select for your film / album requirement.
A devotional song would cost between Rs.5000 to Ts.10000, a regular romantic song between Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000 based on your budget. Budgets can vary slightly as per requirements. Songs of Bollywood type of quality would cost higher depending on requirement.If your budgets are less don’t worry we will try to fit into your budget in the best possible way.
We will arrange for digital release, ring tone and caller tunes registration. If you need multiple CDs we provide for duplication of CDs too.
We will provide lyrics, composing, tracks (programming and arranging) recording in studio and mixing upto master CD stage for projects in Hindi and Marathi. For other languages you may provide lyrics rest we will do.We have our set of talented singers, lyricists, arrangers, etc....who combine to give you good music.
New budding talented singers are encouraged to make their own albums at reasonable cost to make a headway in making a career in music.
Charitable trusts or devotee sponsors can make devotional albums within budget.
we have done so far 40 audio / video albums.


The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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