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India, Mumbai
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Project description

Title: Mumbai Dreams

Logline: Four friends from different walks of life navigate love, career, and personal struggles in the bustling city of Mumbai.

Episode 1: Pilot

We meet our four protagonists: Aditi, a struggling actress; Rajiv, a successful businessman; Vikram, a struggling writer; and Meghna, a journalist. The episode opens with Aditi going to yet another audition, while Vikram struggles to get his work published. Rajiv is seen dealing with the pressure of running his family business, and Meghna is investigating a major corruption case.

As the episode progresses, we see the characters' personal lives unravel. Aditi has to make tough choices to keep her acting dreams alive, while Vikram is trying to impress a love interest who works at a bookstore. Rajiv has to deal with family expectations and pressure to marry, while Meghna uncovers a shocking truth about the case she's investigating.

By the end of the episode, the four friends come together over drinks and share their struggles with each other, forming a bond that will help them face their challenges head-on.

Episode 2: Love in the Time of Mumbai

Aditi and Vikram's romantic lives take center stage in this episode. Aditi gets a breakthrough in her acting career but has to navigate a complicated relationship with her co-star. Vikram finally lands a publishing deal, but his happiness is short-lived when he discovers his girlfriend has been cheating on him.

Meanwhile, Meghna continues to investigate the corruption case, and Rajiv tries to balance his work and personal life. The four friends come together again, but tensions rise when they confront each other about their personal problems.

Episode 3: The Family Business

Rajiv's family business is in trouble, and he has to make a difficult decision to save it. Aditi faces backlash from the industry when a scandal involving her co-star breaks out, while Vikram struggles to come to terms with his girlfriend's betrayal.

Meghna makes a breakthrough in her investigation, but it comes at a cost. The four friends are at odds with each other once again, but they realize they need each other's support to overcome their individual struggles.

Episode 4: Breaking Point

The tension between the four friends reaches a breaking point as they confront each other about their personal issues. Aditi faces backlash from the industry and struggles to find work, while Vikram's writing career takes off.

Rajiv makes a difficult decision about his family business, and Meghna's investigation takes a dark turn. In the end, the four friends come together again, realizing that their bond is stronger than their individual struggles.

Episodes 5-10 continue to explore the personal and professional lives of the characters, as they face new challenges and overcome old ones. The season ends with the friends coming together to celebrate their victories and support each other through their setbacks.

Payment terms

For 2 female leads 2 lakh per episode for male lead 50 k per episode


The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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