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Full Casting Tips for Freshers

Hello All,

This is a dedicated blog for all new freshers, who needs guidance onto entering into the industry.

So, please don't hesitate to ask any questions, I'll be glad to answer your questions.

Your questions can be anything, starting from

Industry news, Portfolio, shoots, etc., anything.

Will try to give you answers as soon as possible.



Casting Director / Model coordinator / Independent Director

Published:25 May 2016 18:37
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Prince Banger 0
20 January 2018 18:10

Hlo sathya sir, I want to start my career in Acting and modeling field,i am intrsted from 9th but due to family problem i don't get any chance, What can i do for it sir, I want jst one chance.

Deepak Hiteshi 0
18 June 2017 23:41

Hey sathya
I just wanted to clarify one thing that I don't have any acting course certificate and experience. But I wanted to give auditions and wnt to be an actor.
I do love modelling .
I have applied for the photoshoot for which I got invited but Im not sure is it genuine or not . Tht is from newfacesasia Mumbai location and m at delhi .
Suggest me what should I do ...

Sathya Narayana +1
19 June 2017 08:45

Did the person name Joy Paul contact you?

Deepak Hiteshi 0
19 June 2017 09:11

Hey sathya thankew so much for the reply .
Yes the person name is joy Paul and I ddnt get any mail . They accepted my apply .
Kindly see the screenshot below.

Sathya Narayana +1
19 June 2017 12:43

Okie, I actually couldn't see the screenshot I think the site isn't supporting attachment presently for comments.
Not sure why, but if joy Paul had contacted you then you can try it out.
But please make sure all process is done in black and white I mean documented way.

Deepak Hiteshi 0
19 June 2017 15:40

Hmm right some error occurred. Anyways, thankew so much for clear my doubt. Ill go for it .
And if u have any upcoming event or audition plzz do share with me .


Sathya Narayana +1
19 June 2017 16:39

Sure, you can keep an eye on our auditions and if you find anything suitable then do get in touch.

Sathya Narayana +1
19 June 2017 08:44

Hi Deepak,
I don't see a registered company in that name, but see thru that whether they're ready to give you a contract in their letterhead.
This is the page I found about them.

Next, did they invite you thru
[email deleted] email or [email deleted]
let me know these.

Sathya Narayana +1
10 June 2017 06:46

For all those who are trying to get their luck into acting, Modeling or other media related work please read below.

Very simple....
Read the posted audition couple of times until you really understand

1. See whether they've posted any dates for audition

2. Did they mention about production house?

3. Verify the production house details in Google.

4. Most of the production house are Pvt LTD companies like Inventor Productions, so please verify whether they're Pvt LTD company.

5. Understand the contacting persons language

6. Don't send photographs or videos to agents

7. Create a professional portfolio of photographs and acting? video.

8. Display your skills in the audition.

9. No shortcuts for selection apart from this.

10. Your talent matches their needs then you get the chance.

Happy auditions!!!!

Sairam 0
10 June 2017 05:11

One person has sent me his number and asked me to contact and to send videos of mine after that he's asking me to pay before personal meeting can I trust him

Sathya Narayana +1
10 June 2017 06:32

Hi Sairam,
No production house will ask an artist to pay.
If they ask you to pay then it means they do not belong to the production house and they're just a casting agents and live their life on commission.
But, there's no guarantee in work from them.

Soumya 0
05 June 2017 12:11

Hello Sathya,

I would like to thank you first for spending a quality time to answer so many queries.
As we all know that most of the production houses are in Mumbai.
Could you help me or suggest how can I find out the auditions held in Bangalore ?

Sathya Narayana +1
05 June 2017 12:14

Hello Soumya,
A good question, but let me keep you informed that not all production houses are in Mumbai.
You can see the auditions posted in this site or any other site, but to find it genuine or not please do read the audition at least 2-3 times and then apply for it and showcase your talent in the audition.
We are also a production house based out of Bangalore.
We are coming up soon with a production it can either be a movie or a serial but depending on the input of the investor.
Keep your eyes open for our audition.

Babita singh 0
31 May 2017 08:29

Everyone asking for pics in watsapp , how we can trust them , y they can't directly call for auditions place

Sathya Narayana +1
31 May 2017 08:42

Also, please note that many auditions posted here are copy paste of different auditions and slightly modified it and also fake auditions are a lot without proper information..
Please read any audition details 2-3 times till you find it's genuine.

Sathya Narayana +1
31 May 2017 08:37

Always audition is better rather than asking for pics in whatsapp.
If thew brand is genuine they'll call you for audition and if you had already provided an audition earlier then they'll contact you directly if you're suitable for their project.
Behold that there are many fakes claiming they're casting directors.

Babita singh 0
31 May 2017 08:25

How we can contact to casting team , nd is portfolio is imp for auditions

sajith menon 0
17 September 2017 20:44

We are a casting agency and do not call everyone for auditions. As it consumes a lot of time.

We ask them to send profile and pix along with videos and if we find them suitable only then call for auditions

Sathya Narayana +1
31 May 2017 08:36

Hello Babita,
Greetings from Inventor Productions, yes portfolio is important to prove what are your capabilities in terms of modeling, a regular photographs wouldn't talk about professional style of posing.
Don't ever contact a casting team directly, if there is an audition apply for it and then if the casting team finds you suitable then they'll contact you thru a proper channel.

Sathya Narayana +1
13 May 2017 18:04

Procedures followed by the industry people for selecting a model or artist

1. No casting director will contact a model or artist directly.

2. Casting director usually post audition for a particular project and keeping the applicants informed about the location of the public audition.

3. Every artist is chosen based on their skill set, talent and looks.

So please don't send your pics to anyone who claims they're director or producer.

If the artist is a familiar face in the industry then the casting director would approach the artist for the offer and if you're an aspiring artist then no casting director will approach an artist, if at all it happens then it's very rare.

Shakti Garg 0
29 April 2017 07:14

Pls tell me how to get audition details 9711777698 shakti
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