Welcome Freshers In Casting!! < Acting-In Movies & Web Series, Modelling- IN famous and well known Brands, Beauty Contests>

<p>We are looking for some <b>fresh models</b> who want to step up in the field of modelling or acting.</p><p>There are various running projects and numerous upcoming projects for the season 2020.<br><br>And many more to start after the lockdown ends.</p><p>This casting will ensure your position in the crew of nationwide models with an opportunity to be a part of any bollywood movie, fashion show, beauty contest, web series, promotional advertisement or print media model.</p><p>(The Casting is free of cost and if any demand of money is made by any employee of the organization then it shall directly be reported)<br><br>You can contact at&nbsp;<br> [email deleted] or&nbsp;<br> [email deleted] </p><p><br></p><p>Thankyou</p>
Published:June 06 2020 21:59
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