Acting is not man-made it is true blending of soul, action & emotion of a character

Hi Friends,

I am not an actor. Presently working as General Manager in a German MNC. But always I have a strong inclination towards acting. Most of time I make different faces in front of mirror, improvise any role of a hero played in a movie, TV serial and my inner feelings always says you can do even better. But I was shy and public fear for acting. In last pre Independence day celebration, my subordinates nominate my name to represent Finance department in an act play. I did not have an idea what to do so swiftly. Immediately I realized I can play my day to day activity but not in words. Let public colleague s guess my acting. It was 7 minutes monoact by me. All colleague present there appreciated a lot help me to outburst my talents. You can watch that 7 mins video uploaded in my profile. This was my first performance in public without even single line of preparations. Due to shortage of time I couldn't exactly portray my talents/ improvisation. But rest you assure I can do lots of wonders in acting even an taught guy in acting school may not think of because acting is a science for me and I know the correct chemical equation of acting. Any body can take a challenge with me. Please note that it is not over confident but a serous commitment towards acting. Now I am praying for a break. You are my catalyst to help me in getting a break in acting field.

Please vote for me if you really like my words /acting senses or else simply ignore reject me.


Bidyananda Das


Published:September 17 2016 11:02
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