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Avinash Jha Actor 25 Years old, 5'11

Actor Avinash is An Indian Television Celebrity. Worked in Different Shows Like Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap, He played "Iqbal Khan" Character in the show. He played different roles in SankatmochanMahabali Hanuman, Sometimes he played "Sadhu's Character", and Sometimes he played "Vikreta" role. He played a major role as "Mahamantri". He played a "Rishivar" character in "Vighanaharta Ganesha", These days he is doing some Event shows in Delhi, Mumbai and other states of India and the entertain public with their different talents - like Standup comedy, singing and with Acting Talents. Apart from these, all Avinash Jha is Also taking interest to teach acting to Beginners. He has started a campaign against the wrong activity and against casting couch, happening in Bollywood Industry. Which Avinash Jha said that Casting Couch is "Dangerous Poison" for Bollywood and also built a strong team of One Hundred plus Members to fight against Fake people in Bollywood Industry. Today, we can say it is just because of Avinash Jha and his Stong team's movement that, Bollywood is going to clean up very soon. He started a movement Named, Avinash Jha For Your Right in June 2017 And there were Thousand of people come forward for the back support and raise their voice. Nowadays, More and More people are aware of such fake people and also raise their voice against wrong activities into Bollywood, And hence the result of that movement a new movement has started that is "Me too Movement".

Jai Hind

Published:October 30 2018 22:41
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