Sachin bairagi 0
Movies Sachin Bairagi
DSachin bairagi ...
Hi all 1
Photo Pranali Thakur
Hi all i am interested in movie photoshoot plz contact me fast and reply me ...
wrong way 0
Oeuvre vishal kumar
every people of this world is in the wrong way.  ...
Hi 1
Photo Rani Patil
I am interested photoshoot contact me ...
Looking For Jewellary Photo Shoot in Mumbai 0
Fashion Fox One Studio
We are looking for female model in our new jewellary photo shoot. Interested candidate ready to atlease 6 month agreement. Payment will be Good.Age limit 18 to 32 onlyinterested candidate send your complete bio data with your contact number to [email deleted] thanking you ...
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freshers buddy make a group :) 19
Movies vinay dubey
this is freshers group in acmodasi , if u r then join without any risk and get opportunity to make carrer over modeling ,acting , and so on ...................... ...
Sing Dil Se 2016 - Season 3 | Singing Auditions | Singing Competitions India | Upcoming Singing Auditions in Delhi 4
Music Singdilse
HELLO EVERYONE,Good News for you all. That we are coming with a whole new concept of talent hunt singing competitions in India. This is India’s First Digital Media Entertainment where the complete show will be uploaded to our You Tube Channel with all the best performances of the participants and we ...
Does the real talents And hidden talents get opportunities..? 3
Movies sadwini koppa
Is there anything like, one who does all the scenes like kissing scenes,intimate scenes, girls who can wear very short dresses and bikinis, can make their  place in the film industry? Bcoz many talented actors who are not permitted and who are not comfortable in doing all these are backing. ...
अँधेरे बस्ती 1
Oeuvre vishal kumar
अँधेरे बस्ती में आये सवेरा ,जाने कहाँ वो बसायेगा डेरा,टूटे से ख्वाबों में अटके हुए हम,झूठे से वादों में भटके हुए हम,रूत की रूहानी लिए बैठा इंसां,कोई बताओ ये क्या माजरा है। ...
Waiting for opportunity 1
Castings Liladhar Pondel
Waiting for real opportunity to prove our self ...
Valar Morghulis..!!! 1
Think aloud Soumya
What could be a better greeting than this who are fan of "GOT" ...Have you ever wondered why the HBO entertainments are real entertainment..?? I think, reason is the thread of connectivity that they possess. The world and environment they show... the kind of story they portrait.. And the ideas ...
इच्छा 1
Oeuvre vishal kumar
इच्छा हर काम की मुख्य शक्ति है, जो इसे प्राप्त करने की कोशिश कर रहे लोगों पर निर्भर करती है यह सब मानव शरीर की मुख्य शक्ति पर निर्भर करता है जो हमारे दिमाग में स्थित है !! ...
गरदुल्ला 2
Oeuvre vishal kumar
सिसकियाँ कभी कभी मुकद्दर बन जाती है ! और घिसट घिसटकर लहूँलुहान हो जाती है रूह ! बेदम मौत भी तरस खाकर रह जाती है ! कतरा कतरा जर्रा जर्रा काँप उठता है ! क्या पता कल फिर कोई गरदुल्ला, अपनों से बिछुड़ जाए ! और हम मनाते रहें अपने अतीत का जश्न ! रोक ...
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