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Published:June 09 2018 19:19
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Spincityfilms October 27 2018 21:50
Upcoming Movie Audition Hindi Feature Film in Mumbai City By Spincity Films

Age – 30 to 60
Height: 5.3”
Weight : 50 to 65 kg
Looks : Indian
Language :Hindi With No Diction Problem

1.Lead Actress -1 (Screen age 30 to 60)
2. Lead Actress-1 (Screen age 20 to 25)
3.Semi Lead Actress-1( Screen age 30 to 60)
4. Semi Lead Actress-1(Screen age 20 to 25)
3.Character Actress- 4

The Upcoming Film Audition for –Beauty In Me
We are looking for a Female actress for a lead role & Supporting role for our upcoming film " Beauty In Me". Basically, the story revolves around a Female lead character with full of Romance. So we are hunting for an actress & supporting actress who can carry the Character throughout the film.

Note: - Film has some Bold and Intimate scenes

Contact Details :-
Email Id:- [email deleted]
Mobile Number :- 9354689240 (Only WhatsApp no Calls at any Cost in WhatsApp)
Website :- spincityfilms.co.in/
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