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ACMODASI Admin from December 2010
Bikes, computers, schess.


Contact information only for our own ;)
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Movie castings (full-length) $

Suggestive questions: What is the concept, script or synopsis of the project? Who organizes this project? What do we have to do? General requirements for participants.Sugges...

Ended test


se The description should be meaningfull. Probing questions: What is the name of the project? Who is organizing this project? What is the concept of the project? Who do you nee...

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Date of registration: February 10 2015 23:12
Date of editing: May 16 2017 18:46
Last online: 1 days ago
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sir please check your messages and solve my problem sir
Hii ,Are you admin of ACMODASI ?
Is there any no ,so that iu can contact you ?
Hi sir
Sir please see message
Please check inbox sir
Hi! I want to get photo model job)
I wanto to become a good actor.My passion is my acting.
Would like to contact:+91 7283069929
hi i would like singing compitation any program would be fine

would to contact -+918904210147
Comment has been deleted.
hey Alex i really want to soar heights of glory i will work hard for it but how will I get opportunities pls help you can view my profile
My picture is not coming in portfolio image.It is pending at your end quite large time. Please resolve without further delay.
Hi Alex,
I am not able to upload profile photo thus i can not apply in any audition. Please note that in current month i have paid full year subscription. Plz do needful urgently. Thanks
Hi Alex,
I am not able to upload profile photo thus i can not apply in any audition. Please note that in current month i have paid full year subscription. Plz do needful urgently. Thanks
Your website has serious issue
I am not able to make a payment because i can't select INR as currency it asks me to pay $420 per month for membership.I wonder how much business you have lost already because of this issue.

Very disappointing !!
Hello sir I want to know that I have received many opportunities but they want my pic in different pose in bikni and other they told to Whatsup that I want to know it that real or fake
is it necessary to have an pro account for getting better oppurtunities
is it your job to check everybody's profiles everyday?
that's great.
Hi this is tharak dancer & models choreographer freelancer this is my whatsapp* 8132057120
Hi Alex ! I am not able to see my message please check
Hi Alex got the mail for auditions but....could not get through the numbers provided in the mail
hi admin i have recived 2 messages . but no any one call me .i dont wish to call me any one but guidence call is must for startr .
hlooo ji ... admin sir kiwe o
hlooo ji ... admin sir kiwe o
hello, ALEX
hey,who r u?? n y were u checking my profile??
sir i am intrested in movies
Y r u luking my profile
Sir i dont have receiving any reply from acmodasi for auditions
Who r u n y r u viewing my profile daily ?! Any cause fr it?!
Acting is love
Hii alex this is sheetal I want to know why are seeing our profile daily
How to delete there is no any option for delete
u r great brother..
acting is my aim and my life
Why are uh viewing my proflie everyday
Hi Alex... sorry for the earlier message...understand your role bad...apologies.
Hope you have a good one!
Hi alex
Hi Alex.. this is Jaden's Parents... just wanted to know if there is any particular reason you are veiwing our son's profile daily?
hi im akmal hw r u sir pls contact in whatsapp8056129822
Hii buddy...!! Nice to know that you are admin..!! And checking....!!
hello alex,
Hey admin..u r smart..
Doing a great job go on ur d admin....gud :)
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