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Audition, ID: 404
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to 23 June 2015
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India India, Delhi
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3-12 years old, M/F
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The Audition is over. No applications accepted.

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Your kid is special and God's gift to you. Each child comes with a package of in-born and natural qualities which have to be recognized and inspired to be pursued. We give you one such platform which will provide motivation and happiness of that inherent talent. It will also aid in instituting confidence and grooming which will help your child to face the camera and people with conviction and which is very much the need of the hour.
We are confident that if this talent is pursued & groomed, it will give immense pleasure when it is applauded by others.
Yes, it definitely gives a great feeling when you see your child perform in front of you but it’s a totally heady and different feeling when you see your 'little one' DAZZLE in front of the world.


1. Free Gift Vouchers and drinks from leading brands for the first round
2. Lot of fun & educational games and activities from "FUNSKOOL". All children who get through the first round will have a chance to be
part of profile round which will include Portfolio Shoot, Concept Shoot &
Calendar Shoot.
3. All children who get through the second round will have their interview videos (up to 2 mins) directly uploaded on our website and also on YouTube. They can speak about their parents, grandparents, school,
teachers, hobbies, liking's etc.
4. Your child may get a chance to ramp-walk in INDIA FASHION WEEK STYLE+ and IDA Awards which are our following big banner events.
5. All children who get through the third and final round may be directly referred to MOVIE MAKERS.
6. All winners & certificate holders will have their individual page on our website. More than 15 titles to be won.
7. The winners will stand as "Brand Ambassadors" for the Season-2 "Dazzle Kids".


1. All kids are unique and equally unique is their inherent talent. The kids are free to display whatever they are good at whether it is modelling, singing, dancing, acting & mimicry, instruments, stunts.
2. First kids show encompassing 300 plus schools.
3. Exclusive benefits to contestant kids from our Partner Brands.
4. First time ever a profile cum portfolio round for kids.

There will be first round where each kid will be judged on the basis of his/her talent performance, confidence level and query answering. The second round will be a profile round where kids will be screened on the basis of their attitude, body language and confidence. Finale round will be a combination of all. A dedicated choreographer, designers and make-up artists will transform your kid into a more
confident and adorable kid.

Shortlisted candidates will be called for the final round.


The Audition is over. No applications accepted.
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