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Open new auditions in Delhi that allows you to enroll and pass the audition for the cinema! Delhi is quite a beautiful city, which will provide all the necessary conditions for the filming. The work will be provided on a contractual basis, and if all conditions suit you, we will cooperate with you in the future!

Unlike the usual Indian film, there will be more songs. Therefore, in order to pass on this casting, you should:

  • you must provide with your portfolio, personal data,
  • to be able to operate the camera,
  • to know English enough to understand and oral communication level.

There are a lot of serious projects. Have to work for months. Perhaps further cooperation and involvement in other musicals and movies. But, believe me, your efforts and talent will not go unnoticed. Remember that it is important to participate in large-scale projects. After all, even if you do not pass, there is always the possibility of new, interesting and useful in your professional field.

Indian films entered in the history of cinema with its unusual subjects, talented actors. If you have a good voice, but not enough acting, we can offer a variety of options castings.

An important advantage is sporty and good physical preparation. This is important as the auditions require a considerable effort for muscles. Not be amiss and the presence of dance training, however, it is not required auditions in Delhi.

Audition in Delhi is different from similar events in other cities that you need to know, if possible, multiple languages, to be able not only to talk about them, but also to perform a variety of repertoire.

Your voice is a good opportunity to achieve great success in life, is wanted and to make every effort for the fulfillment of your goal!

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